Sunday, February 10, 2013

Answer to Prayer

Today was a beautiful day!  
Actually, the weather was rainy and dreary in St. Louis, but my day was filled with hope and love.  Today I celebrated a precious child.  A good friend of mine has been praying for a baby for over six years and is now expecting a baby girl.  We showered this expectant mama with sweet baby gifts and tons of unsolicited advice.

The baby shower hostess asked me to create a decorated sugar cookie to match the theme of the tableware.  I thought that the words, "for this Child we prayed," fit the occasion perfectly.

The cookies went home with the shower guests as party favors.  
So, I actually received one of my own cookies as a gift! was delicious!


  1. I have never seen cookies so beautiful before! May God keep blessing you with talent and inspiration, precious artist Mama!

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