Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

My customer asked me to create some decorated sugar cookies for her 4th of July party.
She gave me a quantity and said that I could design whatever I wanted.

Yea!  So fun!  I love surprising my customers!

I decided to design a "flag" heart, a fire cracker and a bomb pop cookie pop.  I added some star shaped cookie bites to round out the assortment.

The "flag" heart was inspired by 

I used a rainbow with cloud cookie cutter to create my exploding
fire cracker cookie.

The bomb pop design came from one of my favorite cookie artists, Callye.
She has a step by step tutorial on creating the bomb pop cookie.

Star Shaped Cookie Bites help tie in the yellow from the fire cracker.

These patriotic cookies are ready to party!

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