Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bowling Anyone?!

It is my son's 9th birthday and he wanted to take a few friends bowling to celebrate.
Back at the house, the boys snacked on these bowling ball decorated sugar cookies.

Here is my first attempt at gourmet cupcakes!
I was inspired by these cupcakes from Mini Baker.  I don't really care for fondant,
though, so I made the little bowling pins and balls on top out of 
sculptable buttercream frosting, instead.  And boy were they delicious!  
Sew Can Do has a great tutorial on how to create shapes out of this amazing frosting.

I also created these bowling pin and ball party favors for each of the guests to take home.


I just love parties, but I was not allowed to go over the top because,
apparently, when you are 9, you are getting too old for all of that stuff.

So here is my attempt at keeping it low key.  Who doesn't love cookies and milk?!

(I am not a professional photographer, so yes, this is a normal suburban dining room.)

I was inspired by these bowling parties from and Dukes and Duchesses and vixenMade.
I covered my wall art with a checkerboard background made from poster board and card stock.
The images in the frames were printed from a google images search.
(I realize that I am missing a black balloon, but my 2 year old wanted to help!)

Happy 9th Birthday to my amazing son, Grant!

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