Welcome to Sweet Scarlet Baking!  

I spent my career days as a women's clothing buyer for a department store.  I loved the fashion and the buying trips to NYC.  However, when the office in St. Louis, Missouri closed down in 2008, my husband and I decided that I would stay at home with our children.  It has been quite an adventure, and the most difficult and rewarding job that I have ever undertaken.

Along this adventure, Sweet Scarlet Baking was born,
quite by chance, in September 2012.
My oldest was having a pool party for his birthday and I thought that decorated sugar cookies
would be the least messy sweet to serve on a humid summer's day.  
So, I made these beach balls.  Quite unimpressive, but incredibly delicious.

I received so many compliments that I had to try again.  I knew that I could do better.  
My boys birthdays are all within less than 4 weeks of each other so, 
I made baseballs for my middle son and teddy bears for the baby...

Well, I was hooked!  How fun to use my creativity again (for something other than toilet paper roll and pasta noodle crafts)!  Sometimes as moms we get caught up in daily life and forget to do something for ourselves.  

This is my something.

My husband encouraged me to pursue selling my cookie creations
 and orders started flooding in from family and friends.

Sweet Scarlet Baking was born.

I hope that you enjoy viewing my cookie creations.  
And I hope that you take the opportunity to taste them for yourself, as well.  
Cookies make everything sweeter!


I now have 4 boys who can't get enough of my cookies.
And I am definitely their biggest fan.

Taste and see that the Lord is good.  How happy is the one who trusts in Him! 
Psalm 34:8

Family photography by Resa Design Photography.